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Medical Weight Loss Solutions for Women in Arizona

Have you noticed that losing weight has gotten much harder as you get older? This is actually a naturally occurring issue for women due to many hormonal changes that come with menopause and the years after. In fact, menopause not only makes weight loss harder, but it causes most women to gain many unwanted pounds.

At Balance Hormone Center in Gilbert, AZ, we help create personalized medical weight loss solutions for women. Specifically, we help women achieve lasting, noticeable weight loss through the trifecta of exercise, diet and bioidentical hormones.

Sustainable Weight Loss for Women

We offer the following bioidentical weight loss solutions for women:

HCG Diet   |   Qsymia   |   Contrave   |   Phentermine

How the hCG Diet Works for Women

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a bioidentical hormone that mirrors the same hormone women make when they are pregnant. By combining hCG with diet, we find that our female patients lose more weight—and keep it off. While there are numerous benefits of the hCG diet for women, the largest benefit likely stems from the fact that hCG reduces feelings of hunger. With hCG, you get to say goodbye to those pesky cravings!

Qsymia Effects on Women's Weight Loss

Qsymia is a weight loss solution for women. Specifically, it is for women who:

  • Are obese (have a BMI of 30 or higher)
  • Are overweight (have a BMI of 25 or higher) and have a weight-related condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure

Through targeted prescription use, tied together with an exercise regimen and lower-calorie diet, you will gain lasting weight loss results. Moreover, Qsymia allows you to keep the weight off, helping you remain healthier and experience increased enjoyment every day.

Contrave for Women

Contrave is a prescription weight loss pill that combines two well-known drugs: bupropion and naltrexone. Bupriopion is an anti-depressant, and commonly goes by the product name Wellbutrin. Natrexone is an anti-addiction medicine. The effects of these drugs comes together to form a powerful craving control medicine. By curbing those cravings and watching what you eat, you can find the weight loss solution you need to get back the body you desire.

Phentermine & Weight Loss

Women seeking weight loss solutions that will make them look trim and fit can turn to phentermine for assistance. Phentermine works like other weight loss pills in that it curbs appetites. It also keeps fats and carbohydrates from fully metabolizing in your body. For women who are overweight or who fall under the obese category can work with an experienced physician to create a sustainable weight loss plan that incorporates phentermine.

Curious to Know More About Our Medical Weight Loss Solutions for Women?

Counter the weight loss and weight gain effects that aging and menopause have had on your life. Work with our professionals today to learn which bioidentical hormone therapy option will work best for your weight loss needs. Call us today at 480-718-9960 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. From our offices in Gilbert, Arizona, we serve clients from across the U.S.



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