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Hydrodissection to Treat Nerve Pain in Gilbert & Chandler, Arizona

Unfortunately, many people suffering from chronic nerve pain are told they have to live with the pain, treating it only by masking the symptoms with painkillers. The truth is there are other options. Leading-edge technologies developed by medical professionals to stop nerve pain and help people return to their active lives.

At Balance Hormone Center, we use technologies like hydrodissection to help our patients end chronic nerve pain. Hydrodissection does more than just hide your symptoms. It targets the cause of nerve pain and eliminates it.

The Hydrodissection Procedure: What to Expect

Our doctors use a mixture of two different peptides—BPC-157 and TB500—to break up and eliminate chronic inflammation that entraps nerves. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis in our comfortable medical offices in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona.

During the procedure, one of our doctors uses an ultrasound-guided injection to pinpoint the source of the inflammation directly. The doctor will look for areas of scar tissue or inflammation surrounding a nerve. He will then inject the peptides at the source of the pain so that they can immediately start working for you.

Most of the time, the procedure is painless or just slightly uncomfortable. You'll experience no downtime and can return to work or school or continue enjoying your active retirement soon afterward. In fact, in some cases, patients experience immediate relief from their nerve pain.

What Does Hydrodissection Treat?

Nerve entrapments can happen in many different ways, and we use hydrodissection to help patients suffering from many different types of pain. Nerve injections can break up scar tissue that builds up after surgery, resulting in chronic pain and stiffness.

Hydrodissection can relieve nerve pain after joint replacement surgery or rotator cuff surgery. It can also help relieve back pain and headaches caused by nerve entrapment.

Talk with us about hydrodissection to treat nerve pain related to:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Joint pain
  • Some cases of sciatica

Let Us Help You Look and Feel Amazing

Everyone's health is different, and it's best to talk with a doctor about your care options before making big decisions. Talk with our doctors to find out whether hydrodissection is the right fit for you. We can discuss your options for getting balance back in your life. Call us at 480-718-9960 or schedule an appointment online today.





Speak with our hormone imbalance doctor and we can discuss your options for getting balance back in your life.

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