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Annual Physical Exams Offered at Balance Hormone Center

An annual physical examination by one of the trained primary care physicians at Balance Hormone center is an essential part of maintaining a healthy life. It's an opportunity for our physicians to assess and evaluate your general health. It's also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns or changes that you've experienced and receive counseling on the best way to manage them.

An annual physical exam with Balance Hormone Center is an easy, non-invasive way to get the best preventative care and maintain optimum health.

What Can I Expect During a Physical Exam?

It's a short and simple visit composed of many basic tests which can reveal a great deal of information about your current state of wellness. Much of the visit is comprised of a physical examination followed by a laboratory test sometimes called a chemistry panel or a metabolic panel.

The Physical Exam

Some of the data collected will include physical health history, emotional health, basic vital signs, heart exam, lung exam, head and neck exam, and abdominal exam.

Health History

Especially if you are a new patient, the information you provide will paint a strong picture of your current health. If you are a returning patient, changes can be logged and addressed. This is when things like illness, lifestyle, smoking, exercise, medications, allergies and sexual health might be discussed. New patients will want to be prepared with detailed information on their medical and family histories.

Emotional Health

Emotional health can often parallel physical health. Many people aren't aware of the symptoms of depression. Issues like stress or life changes can contribute to your overall health. Your physician may want to check in with you on this.

Vital Signs

These are the basics normally associated with a checkup: blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and temperature. They are simple, baseline measurements that can be key in diagnosing and preventing bigger issues like hypertension or heart disease.

Heart Exam

Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States. Using a stethoscope, a physician can detect heart murmurs and other irregularities that could indicate risk of coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack and other forms of cardiovascular disease.

Lung Exam

Similarly, listening for cracks, wheezes or decreased breath can indicate bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and other common lung diseases.

Head and Neck Exam

By looking at your throat and tonsils, the quality of your teeth and gums, and examining ears, nose and throat, your doctor can make quick assessments about your overall health and be alerted to potential issues.

Abdominal Exam

A quick and simple abdominal check can reveal information about liver size, abdominal fluid and unusual tenderness, which can all be signs of underlying medical conditions.

Gender-Specific Health Exam

In addition to the above checks, your physician will perform gender-specific checks.

  • Male exam: For men, a regular testicular exam is important to catch lumps, tenderness or unusual growth that could indicate cancer. A physician will also want to do a prostate check as a cancer preventative and a hernia check to gauge any abdominal weakness.
  • Female exam: For women, a regular breast exam (and mammogram, depending on age and/or family history) is crucial to cancer detection.  A pelvic exam and Pap test can also reveal risks for cervical cancer. Women over 65 may also be recommended for a bone density test to check for osteoporosis.

The above are all components of the physical exam. A simple blood draw and urine sample are also often requested.

Laboratory Tests

The results of these tests can give greater insight into your kidney and liver function and your immune system. A blood sugar count can be an early indicator of diabetes. A lipid panel or cholesterol test can be a further indicator of heart disease risk. An STI test can determine any sexually transmitted infections.

Do I Really Need a Physical Every Year?

There has been much debate lately on whether young, healthy people really need to be checked every year. This is a great topic to discuss with your physician and one to be addressed on an individual basis. The bottom line is that an annual exam is the easiest and best measure towards catching any health issues early on and preventing future issues from emerging. Most wellness check-ups are covered, if not encouraged by insurance companies so there are few obstacles in getting good care.

Schedule Your Next Annual Physical Exam at Balance Hormone Center

Having a regular annual physical exam by a trusted physician at Balance Hormone Center is a smart and easy way to take control of your health. Our primary care doctors are honored to serve as custodians of your health history. They will team with you to address current concerns, manage existing conditions and strategize preventative measures to minimize future risks. Call our clinic today to schedule with our team and ensure your best health for tomorrow.

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