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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Arizona

More and more men are becoming interested in hormone replacement therapy. While science hasn't found a way to completely stop us from aging, it has made leaps toward keeping our bodies youthful, strong, and healthy.

Stay fit, look better and have more energy by maintaining the proper levels of hormones in your body.

Why Hormone Replacement Might Be for You

The unfortunate reality for men is that, as you age, your hormone levels decrease. For many of us, this is a natural and gradual process that doesn't affect our overall health. For others, the effects can be devastating.

Hormonal imbalance, especially low testosterone, can lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of libido
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

Knowing your options means having a strong health advocate who understands your specific needs. Our Arizona clinic offers a variety of proven hormone replacement treatments for men to give your body a boost when mother nature isn't keeping up.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Options for Men

A compassionate medical professional from our clinic can guide you through the options of hormone replacement based on your body's individual needs.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement is the most common form of hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone regulates your libido, muscle mass, hair growth and bone density.

Natural dips in testosterone begin as early as age 30. Replacing sinking testosterone levels can have anti-aging effects, as well as give you more energy and focus throughout your day. It can also prevent more serious conditions like heart disease and osteoporosis from occurring.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Bioidentical pellets are small, all-natural, plant-based capsules that are inserted beneath the skin to release a slow and constant dose of testosterone. This is a safe and minimally invasive way to keep your hormone levels within the normal range.

Pituitary Imbalance Treatment

Your pituitary gland creates numerous hormones that can affect appetite, mood, sleep and blood pressure. If your pituitary gland has been compromised due to injury, tumor or other reason, pituitary imbalance treatment can help restore those lost hormone levels.

Thyroid Hormone Treatment

Your thyroid produces hormones that regulate cholesterol, metabolism and immunity. If these levels are compromised by an underactive or overactive thyroid, thyroid hormone treatment can restore the balance.

Sermorelin HGH Treatment

Sermorelin is a growth hormone synthesized by your pituitary gland. A deficiency in human growth hormones can affect mental focus, sex drive, skin tone and weight gain. Sermorelin HGH treatment stimulates your pituitary gland to naturally produce this hormone on its own. It's a natural solution to a difficult problem.

Get Clear, Compassionate Solutions for Feeling Your Best

Don't let age slow you down. Let us help you look and feel 10-20 years younger starting now.

Reach out today to discuss hormone replacement therapy for men with one of our medical professionals. With offices in Gilbert and Chandler, we're here to serve men throughout Arizona.



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