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Hormone Treatment for Men and Women in Clive, IA

We all want to be older and wiser, but we don’t want to be older while also slowing down physically. Aging can negatively impact everything from your libido and weight to your skin and moods. Fortunately, treatments are available to help you fight the ravages of time.

Men and women in Clive, Iowa, visit Balance Hormone Center for therapies and treatments that restore the body and mind. Our medical staff provides targeted health improvement options designed just for you. So, whether you could benefit from hormone therapy, medical weight loss, regenerative medicine or aesthetic procedures, you can trust the Balance Hormone Center team in Clive to deliver.

Restore Your Vitality Through Hormone Therapy

Men commonly see testosterone levels drop as early as age 25 or 30, leading to reduced energy, lower sex drive and a tough time putting on muscle and keeping fat off. Women can experience fluctuating estrogen levels, resulting in hot flashes and mood swings. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regimens provided by trusted experts can help people combat symptoms like these.

Residents of Clive and the surrounding areas turn to the Balance Hormone Center team to provide hormone treatment to fight aging’s many undesirable effects. 

  • Treatments for women: Estrogen replacement therapy, menopausal therapy, thyroid hormone treatment (THT), Sermorelin HGH treatment, pituitary imbalance treatment and more
  • Treatments for men: Low-T treatment, HGH, low libido treatment, thyroid hormone treatment, bioidentical hormone pellets and more

Aesthetics Treatments

Looking your best gives you fantastic confidence to go out and live your life to the fullest. But over time, your appearance can be damaged from the sun, acne or aging. Our Clive office provides numerous aesthetic medicine options to help you improve your cosmetic appearance:

  • Laser acne removal
  • Laser hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Injections/fillers for frown lines, lips and nose

Regenerative Medicine

Injuries and illnesses can reduce your quality of life with symptoms like swelling, stiffness and pain. Regenerative medicine helps many people heal more fully and restore quality of life. Our Clive location provides regenerative treatments such as hydrodissection, exosomes, placental tissue matrix, and NAD+ to revitalize your body. 

Get Hormone Therapy and Overall Wellness Improvement Plans in Clive, Iowa

Enhance your health and wellbeing with hormone therapies, vitamin deficiency treatments and medical weight loss options from the experts at Balance Hormone Center in Clive. Learn more about our services or make an appointment by calling (515) 500-6620 or contacting us online today.

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