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Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Gilbert, Arizona

Hormone imbalances in women, such as elevated estrogen levels or low estrogen levels, can lead to health complications ranging from increased risk of cancer and heart disease to greater potential of developing osteoporosis. Here at Balance Hormone Center in Gilbert, Arizona, we believe that you deserve a better quality of life. That is why our team of healthcare professionals specializes in estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for women.

Our Hormone Replacement Therapy Services

We emphasize using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) options for our patients. BHRT offers benefits above and beyond conventional hormone therapy, as bioidentical hormones are produced by plants. This means they have chemical structures closer to that of the human body than the structures found in synthetic hormones. The result is a therapy process that offers few side effects and many health benefits.

How BHRT Can Improve Your Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause may be a natural part of life, but that does not mean it affects every woman in the same way. For some, menopause happens quickly and/or painlessly. For others, however, symptoms may come on strong and last for years. You need not suffer due to these changes.

  • Eliminate vaginal dryness and its associated pain
  • Decrease or even eliminate hot flashes
  • Decrease body fat while maintaining muscle mass
  • Increase libido
  • Improve sleep by decreasing night sweats
  • Improve memory recall and concentration
  • Improve look and feel of skin
  • Improve mood by lowering anxiety

Discuss Your Hormone Imbalance Concerns With Our Doctors

Like any other medical treatment out there, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has its risks. Those risks vary by type of treatment, length of treatment, and each individual’s health history and lifestyle. Do not let the potential risks keep you from investigating a treatment that may change your life for the best. Instead, reach out to our medical spa today to discuss your HRT treatment options.

Let Us Help You Look and Feel Amazing

Speak with our hormone imbalance doctor to discuss whether estrogen replacement therapy is the right fit for you. We can discuss your options for getting balance back in your life.



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