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Bod Pod—The Gold Standard in Body Composition Testing

For both men and women, losing weight can be a challenge. To maximize your success, it's critical that you use the most accurate, proven tools available to you.

That's why at Balance Hormone Center, we're pleased to offer Bod Pod to our weight loss patients—the gold standard in body composition testing.

Bod Pod at Balance Hormone Center in Arizona

Unfortunately, stepping on a scale only measures pounds gained or lost. It does not reliably measure body fat percentages. This makes it an ineffective weight loss tool because that information alone will not help you know how to adjust your diet, calorie intake, and calories burned to achieve optimal results.

But with Bod Pod, you can more easily reach your weight loss goals.

How Bod Pod Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Effective, long-term weight loss occurs when you lose body fat. While other clinics measure body fat by more invasive or uncomfortable methods, Balance Hormone Center offers patients the ease of testing with Bod Pod.

Bod Pod technology uses an extremely precise scale in conjunction with volume measurements in the Bod Pod chamber that accurately calculates fat and muscle mass. With this information, we are best able to determine the amount of fat you've lost and the muscle you've gained.

Bod Pod also provides our patients with their Resting Metabolic Rate. This information is especially important to weight loss as it assists in determining optimal caloric intake to reach your goals.

Is Bod Pod Right for Me?

Bod Pod is used by many professional athletes who want to add muscle and decrease fat. Additionally, medical research facilities, clinics, nutritionists, fitness centers, and the military use it as well. That's because Bod Pod offers patients:

  • Accuracy of results proven in a number of research publications
  • Fast testing assessing all necessary information in just two minutes inside the chamber and five minutes total test time
  • Safe, non-invasive testing that is easier and more comfortable than other testing methods. And because it's non-invasive, Bod Pod can be safely used over long periods to continue to track weight loss progress.
  • Adaptable for patients who might have difficulty with other testing methods, such as children, the elderly, the disabled, and obese people up to 550 pounds

Schedule Your Bod Pod Appointment Today!

The highly-trained medical team at Balance Hormone Center in Arizona is thrilled to be able to offer Bod Pod testing to their weight loss patients. With its high degree of accuracy, fast, non-invasive, and safe testing capabilities, it is the ideal way to reach your weight loss goals.

For more information, or to schedule your Bod Pod test appointment, call us today at 480-718-9960 or schedule an appointment online.



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