Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Improve Libido?

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Improve Libido?

Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Improve Libido?

Low sex drive, also referred to as low libido, can be be normal at times.  However, having a low libido for a long period of time may be a cause for concern for some people. It happens in both men and women and can cause strains in relationships and can cause individuals to not feel normal, which can be distressing. Low libido may be an indicator of underlying health conditions, such as poor body image, anxiety, depression, stress, and hormone imbalance. Medications and supplements you may already be taking can also be a common cause of low libido. The first step in addressing the issues with a physician to help treat the cause.

In terms of hormone imbalance, testosterone and estrogen levels in women may be a major cause of low libido. Women suffering from vaginal dryness may be turned off to sexual encounters level may be a major cause of having low libido in men and women. Women with low testosterone may have little to no desire to have sex. Men with low testosterone may have erectile dysfunction and have decreased desire and the ability to be aroused.

The good news is, hormone related low libido can be corrected and bring back the sex drive you had during your youth. Call or schedule and appointment online to learn more about if hormones may be a cause and how we can help.

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