Why Should I Choose Beautifill Over Standard Liposuction?

Why Should I Choose Beautifill Over Standard Liposuction?

Loose fat and skin around our bodies are completely normal. Yet, they may still make you uncomfortable. Beautifill fat transfer is a great way to remove excess fat completely or transfer it to improve volume loss. Should you choose Beautifill or liposuction? Our choice is Beautifill, each and every time.

Beautifill vs. Standard Liposuction: The Quality of Harvested Fat Cells

No other device has the capabilities of Beautifill. The most important difference between liposuction and Beautifill is the quality of the harvested fat cells. Procedures such as liposuction simply remove the fat and don’t allow for effective transfer. These procedures have an increased risk of fat cells deteriorating between extraction and transfer.

According to a clinical trial completed by Beautifill, patients reported greater than 90% fat cell viability after their procedure. The higher the percentage of viability, the higher the chance of fat cell survival when transferred to other parts of the body.

The Benefits of Beautifill Fat Transfer

Beyond the increased success rate of Beautifill, there are other benefits to the treatment such as:

  • Long-lasting results: Many patients see the results of their transfer last for years. Of course, results depend on the area of transfer and the overall make-up of your body.
  • Reduced patient downtime: Beautifill is an outpatient procedure. All that’s required is a small incision to extract the fat cells and an injection of the fat cells into another area of the body, if applicable. The simplicity of the procedure reduces your downtime. It also reduces swelling and bleeding.
  • Fast treatment: Through the use of a laser, Beautifill is a fast way to remove excess fat. Plus, the procedure can be completed in-office.
  • Increased safety: The procedure only requires local anesthesia, eliminating the safety concerns of general anesthesia.

Still not sure if Beautifill is right for you? We recommend reaching out to an experienced aesthetics provider for help. At Balance Hormone Center, we’re always willing to give advice and care to help you feel good from the inside out.

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Beautifill fat transfer is a great way to remove fat or improve skin volume loss around your body. To learn more about the treatment or to get started today, give us a call at 480-718-9960 or schedule an appointment today.

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