Why Do People Think Anti-Aging Treatment Is a Good Idea?

Why Do People Think Anti-Aging Treatment Is a Good Idea?

The search for the fountain of youth, something that will ward off old age, is as old as humanity. Why? Simply put, the consequences of aging are very real.  Wrinkles, gray or white hair, increased fat and less muscle, sagging skin, dry skin, age spots, dull skin, decreased physical endurance, cognitive and memory problems, slower healing from injury and illness, and reduced libido are all part of the aging process. It is not at all surprising that people would prefer to avoid these symptoms of an aging mind and body by seeking out anti-aging treatments.

The Many Phases of Anti-Aging Treatments

In their search for the magic bullet that will stave off old age, some people become vulnerable to charlatans and frauds that claim to magically reverse the process of aging. The continued existence of schemes that promise an end to aging is a testament to how badly people want to believe that they can indeed be forever young.

Some treatments over the years have included:

  • Milk baths
  • Aged wine as a skin treatment
  • Cold creams made of olive oil, beeswax and water
  • Raw meat
  • Frownies that hold skin smooth to reduce wrinkles
  • Albumin
  • Retinoic acid

Some of these treatments have worked and are still in use. Other, more recent treatments include Botox injections, sunscreen, collagen, fillers, microdermabrasion, hormone injections and laser resurfacing. Some of these treatments have side effects that include pain, irritation and redness of the skin. Nevertheless, people continue to use them. Why?

Why Do People Use Anti-Aging Treatments?

People use anti-aging treatment because they work. Some have temporary benefits while others last for years. They all have some physical benefit such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles or firming and plumping skin. However, probably the best reason to use anti-aging treatments is the confidence they give to people who find the changes in appearance that come with age more than a minor problem.

Looking younger than your chronological age can be very important when applying for jobs in mid-life, seeking a new partner after a divorce, or simply feeling better about yourself. Parents who have children later in life may wish to fit in better with the parents of their children’s peers.

An unintended consequence of anti-aging treatments may be that people need to be healthy to be eligible for some procedures. Being healthier also means greater chances of success with treatments. If you’re seeking anti-aging treatments, be sure to take care of yourself, sleep well, eat right and exercise appropriately.

Do What Is Best for You

Most people use anti-aging products and procedures appropriately and most are happy with the results. The important thing is that the treatment or treatments match the goals of the individual. Aging is a highly personal process; combatting it is equally personal. Candidates for anti-aging treatment should not feel pressured into any product or process that raises questions or uncertainties in their minds.

Possible Treatments to Combat the Signs Of Aging

The number of anti-aging skin products available is overwhelming and represents a major part of the cosmetics industry. Clearly, people want the alleged benefits of these products—more elastic skin, fewer wrinkles and better tone—all things affected by the aging process.

Skin creams and lotions are only part of the anti-aging story. Many medical clinics focus solely on antiaging treatments that go beyond simply applying a cream or lotion. The success of such clinics shows that people are willing to look further in their search for the fountain of youth. In less mythological terms, they are looking for a way to delay, eliminate, reverse or minimize the negative physical and mental effects of aging.

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