A women’s wellness exam is critical to preventing and treating numerous health conditions. It’s the best time to speak with your physician about your concerns, current lifestyle and more.

What Is the Purpose of a Women’s Wellness Exam?

A women’s wellness exam is a preventative exam that women should receive annually. The exam’s purpose is to check into your reproductive and overall health. According to the CDC, 13.4% of women are in fair or poor health. A women’s wellness exam can help you gain better control over your health in all areas.

Women’s wellness exams are also the first line of defense against cervical cancer, a condition that will affect 13,170 women this year. When found early through routine preventative testing, cervical cancer can be treated. Other conditions such as breast cancer are also caught early due to these routine exams.

What Happens During a Women’s Wellness Exam?

What happens during your women’s wellness exam will depend on your age and medical history. All exams involve a physical examination that includes taking your height, weight and blood pressure. You’ll also speak with your physician about any concerns you have regarding menstruation, birth control and more.

If you’re under 18, your physician will discuss the HPV vaccine with you, which is important for cervical cancer prevention. If you’re over 21, your physician will discuss with you the importance of regular pap smears and perhaps schedule or conduct a pelvic exam if you’re due for one. You may also receive a breast exam to check for any abnormal tissue.

Depending on factors such as your age and symptoms, your physician may order other exams such as mammograms, ultrasounds or other tests. Remember: it’s important to tell your physician about any and all abnormal symptoms, regardless of their severity.

Your Health Is Important: Schedule an Exam

Preventative exams such as the women’s wellness exam are the first line of defense against many health conditions. To learn more about the exam, call us today at 480-718-9960 or schedule an appointment online.