What Is Regenerative Medicine Used For?

What Is Regenerative Medicine Used For?

Regenerative medicine helps strengthen your body’s natural healing response, repairing damaged tissues and organs to help you find relief. It is often put to use for individuals who suffer from debilitating symptoms such as pain, numbness, swelling and more due to underlying injuries or medical conditions.

The Many Uses of Regenerative Medicine

Beyond strengthening your body’s natural healing response, regenerative medicine has other uses, including:

  • Pain reduction: Regenerative medicine works by pinpointing the source of your pain, enhancing the natural healing response in those areas. As a result, you can experience less pain in less time than what you’d experience with traditional medicine.
  • Increased functionality: Regenerative medicine can help strengthen the joints and ligaments throughout your body to increase functionality. This can reduce the pain you feel when performing daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, sitting and standing.
  • Decreased risk of future injury: As a result of your newly strengthened joints, ligaments and tendons, you’ll have a decreased risk of future injury to your body. Regenerative medicine can also help protect permanently damaged organs and tissues to prevent your conditions from worsening over time.

Types of Regenerative Medicine Services

Regenerative medicine is a booming field, with many types of treatments available and many more in testing. Some of the available services include:

  • Placental tissue matrix (PTM): PTM involves injecting placental stem cells into specific treatment areas on your body such as your joints, back and neck. This treatment often results in relief from pain and other symptoms.
  • Hydrodissection: Hydrodissection involves injection via an ultrasound-guided needle into a source of inflammation in the body to eliminate pain.
  • Exosomes: Via injection, exosomes are administered into the body to help treat autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disease and other disorders.
  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+): Our levels of NAD+ decrease as we age. By injecting additional NAD+, we can treat chronic fatigue syndrome, drug addiction and more.
  • Stem cells: The most common treatments include stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues throughout the body. Stem cells are perfect for wounds, chronic pain and more.

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease or medical disorder that causes pain throughout your body, chances are that regenerative medicine can help. We recommend reaching out to a professional to find a treatment plan that works best for you.

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