What does a bod pod measure?

What does a bod pod measure?

While working to lose weight, two measurements are often used to gauge your progress: weight change and body mass index (BMI). BMI is a simple measurement commonly used to determine whether you’re underweight, healthy or overweight. You can calculate it yourself or use an online BMI calculator. 

However, weight change and BMI don’t take into account your unique body type or the percentage of fat vs muscle in your body. For a more accurate measurement of weight loss progress, consider a Bod Pod. 

This device quickly and safely measures your body density. This provides a more accurate snapshot of your body’s fat levels, letting you precisely map weight loss progress. Let’s look at how it works.

What Is a Bod Pod and How Does It Work?

A Bod Pod is an egg-shaped chamber that looks a bit like something out of a science fiction movie. It works via air displacement plethysmography (ADP), meaning it measures the amount of air displaced by the person within.

The top of the chamber opens, you sit inside and the door seals shut. To ensure an accurate reading, you must wear tight-fitting clothing that doesn’t trap any additional air, like lycra shorts or a speedo-type swimsuit. You must also wear a swim cap to prohibit excess air mass around your hair. 

Once the chamber is sealed, a small diaphragm oscillates between the chamber the patient is seated in and an empty chamber that serves as a control. The changes in volume that the diaphragm creates allow the system to precisely measure the patient’s mass and volume.

What Measurements Will a Bod Pod Give Me?

In about a minute, the Bod Pod will generate the most accurate measurements available about your body mass. 

Body mass is divided into two types: lean and fat. Lean mass includes your bones, muscles and organs. Fat mass involves the density of your body’s fat tissue. Combining these and factoring in your age, gender and ethnicity, your physician can calculate your body fat percentage. 

In addition to measuring your fat and muscle masses, it also measures your resting metabolic rate. Using this information, your physician can help you make informed decisions about diet, caloric intake and your overall weight-loss approach. 

Where Can I Try a Bod Pod?

If you’re interested in discovering what a Bod Pod can reveal about you, schedule an appointment at Balance Hormone Center. Our team would be happy to take your measurements to determine your unique body composition and discuss the results. Together we’ll tailor a weight loss program to your specific needs and uncover the healthiest you!

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