What Are Lip Fillers and How Do They Work?

What Are Lip Fillers and How Do They Work?

While there are several ways to semi-permanently plump your lips, the most common way is to inject them with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is actually found naturally in the body, so allergic reactions and other side effects are extremely rare.

Other lip-improving options include collagen or fat transplants, but few professionals would recommend either route. When you aim to improve the appearance of your lips, hyaluronic acid fillers are as close as it gets to “baby steps.” You’ll notice (and love) the difference, but you haven’t made a lifetime commitment.

What Lip Fillers Do for Your Lips

It’s pretty obvious that fillers can make your lips plumper. What many people don’t realize is that fillers can also help improve the shape of your lips. Lips can thin with age and the lip line itself can become less distinct. Injectable fillers can restore the original shape of your lips or improve their shape to something you like more than what nature gave you.

Who Are Lip Fillers For?

Are your lips thinner than you’d like? Are they asymmetrical? Has the line defining your lips faded? Do any or all of these things bother you a little more each day?

Even a small cosmetic intervention like lip fillers should be considered carefully. But given the relatively small cost, it’s no surprise that lip fillers are very popular, and their popularity is growing. Lip fillers typically cost between $400 and $600 per syringe, and most patients require only one syringe for each treatment.

Anyone over 18 is eligible for lip fillers, and there is no top age limit. Ideal candidates are individuals in their 20s through their 60s.

Our Skilled Physicians Can Help

Do you still have questions about lip fillers? Concerned they may not be the best choice for you? Our skilled team can help alleviate any of your worries and answer all of your questions. Together, we’ll create a detailed therapy plan to help you reach the results you’re looking for.

One Consultation Can Provide All the Answers You Need

Are you ready for a high-impact/low-cost way to improve your look? If so (or even if you’re not sure) why not schedule a consultation to learn more? Call us today at 480-718-9960 to schedule a consultation.

Your smile is a gift to the world. If there’s something that can make you more likely to bring that beautiful smile out more often, it’s certainly worth considering.

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