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Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

When used under medical supervision and on a temporary basis, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been proven safe. Studies...

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Cheat Sheet on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Unless you’re a nursing or med student, it’s not likely you’re going to be quizzed on Testosterone Replacement Therapy...

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7 Common Misconceptions About Menopause

Being a woman isn’t easy. Our bodies go through tremendous changes throughout our entire lives. Many of those changes,...

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I Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency…Can’t I Just Take Vitamins?

You’re busy. We get it. And if you’ve been diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency, it seems like the...

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Why Testosterone Replacement Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Aging is hard. When you’re feeling achy or tired, can’t sleep or are walking around in a mental fog...

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Save Your Marriage Using Only Hormone Therapies

Because hormonal imbalances suffered during PMS, peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause (known as male menopause) impact your emotions, mental health,...

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The Dummies’ Guide to Testosterone Replacement

Some tout testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as today’s true fountain of youth. While that isn’t fully accurate, it can...

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Hormone Therapy for Improving Memory

What You Need to Know About Hormone Therapy for Improving Memory There are many causes of memory loss. Medications...

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How Long Before Hormone Therapy Works?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can take as little as a few weeks and as much as few months for...

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What is the Myers’ Cocktail?

The Myers’ Cocktail is an excellent therapy used to treat multiple conditions. It was named after John Myers MD,...

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