How to Get Weight Loss Medication

How to Get Weight Loss Medication

Weight loss is a journey that has many paths to success. If you have tried traditional weight loss methods like dieting and exercise and are still not getting your desired results, weight loss medication may be a viable option. 

When dealing with weight loss medication, it’s important to do research and speak with a weight loss professional to figure out the best option for you and your weight loss journey. 

Here are some steps to getting weight loss medication that works for you. 

Step One: Understand Your Weight Loss Goals and Needs

The first thing you need to do before seeking out weight loss medication is to understand your weight loss goals and whether you will need weight loss medication. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you may need weight loss medication if:

  • You have been unsuccessful in losing weight through exercise and dieting alone
  • You have a body mass index greater than 30 

Step Two: Consult With Medical Weight Loss Professionals 

Once you have a better understanding of what you’re looking for, the next step is to speak with a medical weight loss professional. 

A medical weight loss professional will examine your medical history, current physical status and weight loss goals. With this information, they can better recommend the proper weight loss medication for you and discuss any side effects they may cause. 

Step Three: Strictly Follow Prescribed Dosage and Make Adjustments if Needed 

Some weight loss medications may have a negative impact on your health. According to the Mayo Clinic, weight loss medication may cause nausea, dizziness, and belly pain. 

To ensure that you get the best results out of your weight loss medication, always stick to the correct dosage and speak regularly with a medical weight loss professional. They may need to change your dosage or try a new weight loss medication altogether if they notice you are not getting the results they want to see or you have negative side effects. 

And most importantly of all, do not experiment with your medication. Taking a higher dosage will not mean faster results.

Choosing the Right Medical Weight Loss Professionals 

It can seem overwhelming when you’re looking for weight loss medication solutions. With so many options and claims being made, it can be difficult to find a medical weight loss professional you trust and the medication that works the best for you. 

That’s where Balance Hormone Center’s medical weight loss professionals come in. We take a human approach to determining the best medical weight loss strategies for our patients.

We’ll take the time to understand all your goals and needs so we can suggest a weight loss medication that works for you, and that you can feel confident taking. 

If you’re interested in learning whether weight loss medication is the right next step in your journey, please don’t hesitate to call us at 480-526-4384 or contact us online!

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