A good family doctor is a friend and an ally. Ideally, they are someone you trust with your family’s health for many years.

A good family physician can guide your family through the health care system. They track your medical history, perform annual exams, advise on preventative measures and keep you feeling your best. When you have concerns or injuries, they are the first health professional to see.

Check With Your Insurance Provider

The first stop on the path to finding the right family doctor is checking with your health insurance provider. A call to customer service or a web search can provide you with a list of doctors and clinics within your network. You can often also get a list of those closest to you.

Ask Friends, Family and Coworkers

Some people really like their doctor. Do you know someone who has received exemplary care? It may be worth talking to them. Keep in mind that everyone has different needs and specialties. Your neighbor’s sports doctor may not be a good fit for a person managing diabetes. Keep your personal health needs in mind during the selection.

Rely on Internet Resources

Yelp and Google or similar sites host popular review forums. These can give a variety of mixed opinions. Sifting through reviews, especially from people in similar demographics as yourself, can give you a sense of which doctors and clinics might be compatible and convenient.

Schedule an Appointment

There’s no substitute for meeting a doctor in person. Your impression of a doctor and your comfort level around them says a lot about what kind of working relationship you can expect. Some questions to consider when screening a new doctor:

  • Does this person share my values?
  • Are they culturally compatible?
  • Do they listen and make comments I like?
  • Do they seem knowledgeable?
  • Do I trust them?
  • Do their credentials or specialization match my needs?
  • Is it easy to get an appointment with them?
  • Do I want this person to manage my medications?

Often your gut will be the best gauge. If the doctor made you feel rushed or uncomfortable or didn’t explain things clearly, you may not want to return. Ultimately your satisfaction will depend on the relationship you build with your family physician over many years. They are your best defense against major diseases, injuries and future health problems.

Come Visit Us at Balance Hormone Center

Balance Hormone Center serves the Gilbert area of Arizona with a full-service clinic staffed with professional and compassionate family doctors. We’d love to meet you and serve your family’s health needs. We provide a wide variety of services from vaccines to disease management, wound care to sports injuries. Schedule an appointment today to be matched with a family doctor who knows medicine and puts your family’s health first.