FAQs About Beautifill Fat Transfer

FAQs About Beautifill Fat Transfer

Our skin loses elasticity as we age and due to certain health conditions. You may start to notice volume loss in your face or extra fat around your thighs and abdomen. These areas can cause a loss of confidence for many. If this is you, a Beautifill fat transfer treatment could be a great next step.

What Is Beautifill Fat Transfer?

Beautifill is similar to liposuction, however, the procedure is completed using a laser. This laser allows for rapid and gentle removal of fat cells from around your body. These fat cells can then be used to fill sunken areas of your body or be disposed of.

Many patients choose to remove fat from around their hips, thighs and back. The most common areas for placing the fat cells include the buttocks, breasts, face and hands.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. Beautifill’s technology results in the highest quality removal of fat cells. According to a clinical study by Beautifill, the average fat viability after the procedure, or the fat’s ability to fill areas of the body successfully, is more than 90%.

How Is the Procedure Done?

First, we’ll numb the area the fat will be harvested from using an injectable numbing solution. If you would rather not be fully conscious for your procedure, we offer nitric oxide gas (laughing gas) as well. With the numbing agents available, you shouldn’t feel any pain.

Next, we’ll make a small incision in your skin and insert the laser to capture the fat cells. If you choose to have the fat transferred elsewhere, we’ll process the cells and use a syringe to inject the fat under the skin.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Due to Beautifill’s high rate of fat cell viability, your results could last for years. The transfer is also performed in one treatment, so you can see immediate results. Just like any procedure, how long the results last will depend on the area of the transfer, size of the area and other factors.

What Is Recovery Like After the Procedure?

Recovery depends on the area of your transfer. For example, if fat is harvested from your buttocks, you can expect to avoid pressure on the area until the small incision heals. You could also experience some minor swelling or redness, but you shouldn’t experience any pain.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss recovery and aftercare requirements for your specific treatment.

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