Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment?

Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment?

Spider veins aren’t harmful, but they are a cosmetic annoyance. Laser treatment is a popular procedure to rid yourself of dark spider veins, so you can feel confident in your own skin. It’s gentle, non-invasive and easy, but do the effects last? Let’s find out if the procedure is worth it, and if spider veins return after laser treatment.

Is Laser Spider Vein Laser Removal Permanent?

The short answer: yes. Laser therapy is very effective at diminishing your current spider veins. The non-invasive procedure gently collapses the vein wall, which is absorbed by the surrounding tissue. The dark veins become lighter, resulting in a uniform skin tone and appearance.

Laser removal, however, doesn’t prevent our body from aging or forming new blood vessels. Over time, new spider veins can show up on different areas of your body or in the same place you were treated. The old spider veins will be gone, but know that it’s possible for new ones to appear.

Why Do I Have Spider Veins?

These irritating dark lines show up for multiple reasons, such as fluctuating hormones and aging. You may have a genetic predisposition to developing spider veins and can take note of fellow family members who have them.

Spider veins appear on our skin’s surface because they supply blood to the skin. Over time they can dilate, which is why they show up on any area of our body. However, they are primarily located on our legs and face.

Spider veins are nothing to be alarmed about in terms of your physical health. Cosmetically speaking, you can eradicate them with laser treatments if you feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Can I Prevent Spider Veins?

There is no miracle cure for spider veins, but there are plenty of activities you can do to prevent their formation on your skin. The most important thing is to keep your blood flowing, which helps your veins function healthily.

Making sure you exercise on a regular basis will help prevent spider veins and also provide other health benefits. Swimming, biking or a simple walk will strengthen your veins and help prevent them from dilating.

If you do a lot of sitting all day, getting up for a few minutes each hour and moving around will help. Having a balanced diet with lots of fresh foods will also assist in reducing the appearance of spider veins.

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