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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Annual Physical Exam

If you don’t seem to make it to the doctor’s office every year for your annual physical, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to take control over your own health. One checkup a year can tell you a lot, plus there are things you can do before and during the visit to make it even more valuable.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Annual Physical

Here are a few tips from Balance Hormone Center’s primary care physicians on how to get the most from your annual physical.

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What’s the Importance of Preventative Health Check-Ups?

According to the CDC, Americans use preventative health services at about half the recommended rate. Unfortunately, those who skip their preventative health check-up miss out on many important benefits.

What Is a Preventative Health Check-Up?

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Does a Preventative Health Check-Up Actually Help?

Nearly 900,000 Americans die prematurely each year, but 20%-40% of those deaths are preventable, according to the CDC. How can they be prevented? By seeing a family physician for proper preventative care.

Statistics Show Most Common Health Concerns Are Preventable

Some of the most common chronic health conditions include lung cancer, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

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How Does One Find a Good Family Doctor?

A good family doctor is a friend and an ally. Ideally, they are someone you trust with your family’s health for many years.

A good family physician can guide your family through the health care system. They track your medical history, perform annual exams, advise on preventative measures and keep you feeling your best. When you have concerns or injuries, they are the first health professional to see.

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Annual Physical Exams: What You Should Know

An annual physical exam is a crucial part of regular medical care and a cornerstone of preventative care. Seeing a trusted physician annually can reduce your risk of disease, extend life expectancy and increase your quality of life.

What Is an Annual Physical Exam? What Does it Include?

Most importantly, an annual exam is a chance for you and your physician to check in. It is a time to review your medical history, discuss any changes, address current medical needs and strategize preventative measures for future wellness. If this is a first-time visit, the physician will want to get to know you, your health history and your current medical status.

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What You Need to Know About Preventative Care

Statistics overwhelmingly show that preventative health care works. Men and women who have a primary care physician and partake in regular annual physical exams experience a higher quality of life and longer life expectancy. Chronic diseases account for 7 out of 10 deaths within the U.S. Yet, most chronic diseases are preventable when detected early through the correct screenings and preventative care.

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