Doing Hormone Therapy, the Right Way

If your perimenopause or menopause symptoms leave you struggling just to make it through every day, then Hormone Therapy (HT) may be the solution you seek. As you consider this type of treatment, it’s important that you base your decision on the facts to determine if HT is right for you.

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7 Common Misconceptions About Menopause

Being a woman isn’t easy. Our bodies go through tremendous changes throughout our entire lives. Many of those changes, from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause, have been tainted with negative misconceptions.

It’s easy enough to see why an innocent 12-year-old may believe that a girl can’t get pregnant during her period, or how a naïve 16-year-old could believe that a woman can’t get pregnant if she only “does it” once. But we hope that by our mid-40s we won’t be so easily fooled and are better able to separate fact from fiction.

Yet, misconceptions persist.

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I Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency…Can’t I Just Take Vitamins?

You’re busy. We get it. And if you’ve been diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency, it seems like the easiest way to treat it would be to take a supplement that you can quickly pick up at the drugstore. Problem solved, right?

Not so fast.

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Why Testosterone Replacement Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Aging is hard. When you’re feeling achy or tired, can’t sleep or are walking around in a mental fog all the time, it’s easy to wish for some miracle pill or even a magical time machine to transport you back to when you felt energized and youthful. Of course, there are no such things.

But there is something that might come close—Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT.

Of course, while TRT is no miracle and it’s not magic, it has been proven highly effective in addressing worrisome, stressful, and even serious physical and mental health conditions both men and women may experience as they age. 

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Save Your Marriage Using Only Hormone Therapies

Because hormonal imbalances suffered during PMS, peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause (known as male menopause) impact your emotions, mental health, and physical well-being, they can wreak havoc on your relationships, especially your marriage.

Think about it. Have you ever had a heated argument with your partner that, in retrospect, seemed out of proportion to the situation? Has your partner ever complained about how your foul moods impact their feelings of affection toward you? Do you ever feel that despite a deep sense of love, attraction, and affection toward your partner, you’re just plain not interested in sex anymore?

It’s entirely possible that issues like these are not the result of lack of communication, respect, or attraction. Instead, they could be the result of a hormonal imbalance.

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The Dummies’ Guide to Testosterone Replacement

Some tout testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as today’s true fountain of youth. While that isn’t fully accurate, it can reverse or slow certain changes men experience as they age due to low levels of testosterone. Twenty percent of men over 60 have the condition known as “Low T,” with that number rising to 30 percent in men in their 70s and 80s.

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