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Beautifill Fat Transfer Treatment

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Liposuction with the Beautifill Fat Transfer Treatment

Beautifill is our newest offering at Balance Hormone Center. The device integrates a laser into the liposuction process, which allows for a rapid, but gentle removal of fat from the body. Beautifill not only can remove fat but allows it to be harvested and filtered so that it can be used in other areas of the body if desired. It has a uniquely designed collection system that makes this possible. Most common regions for using the body’s own fat, known as autologous fat transfer, include, but is not limited to, buttocks, breasts, face, hands, as well as large joints.

No other device can do everything that Beautifill does. The difference between Beautifill and other devices is the quality of fat that is harvested. Other laser-assisted liposuction devices do not have the excellent fat cell survival that Beautifill does.

This procedure is done under tumescent anesthesia, meaning that a numbing solution is injected into the areas that the fat will be taken from. Because you can be awake for this procedure, some patients choose to watch movies, catch up on emails, or play games during their procedure. Not all patients want to be fully conscious for this procedure, and if that is something you desire, we offer Pronox, which is a nitric oxide gas (laughing gas) that is commonly used in dental and medical offices.

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