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Carly Kemp is a dedicated and compassionate Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with a passion for providing holistic and preventative care to enhance patients’ overall wellbeing and lifestyle. Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and her post baccalaureate nursing degree from the University of Arizona. She achieved her second Master’s degree from the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Phoenix. Her journey in healthcare began as an ICU nurse for 7 years where she gained invaluable experience caring for critically ill patients while ensuring the highest level of attention to personalized treatment plans and complex disease processes. Her time in the ICU allowed her to witness the importance of preventative medicine and sparked her desire to transition to a role that focuses on proactive healthcare.

Her goal as a nurse practitioner is to help individuals maintain optimal health and wellness by empowering them through education about their well-being and enhancing their quality of life. Her passion is focusing on both lifestyle and medicinal treatment plans to treat the “root” cause. Using an integral combination of bioidentical hormones, lifestyle changes, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and more she genuinely strives to make a difference in her patient’s wellbeing.

Outside of her professional life, Carly finds joy in her roles as a wife, mother, and a dog-mom. In her free-time she enjoys being outside, a great cup of coffee, and taking on house projects.

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